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Air Pollution Changes Our Climate

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How Air Pollution Changes Our Climate for the Worse

Air Pollution

Did you know that over the last decade Ontario has reduced air pollution so that its citizens are breathing cleaner air? The 2015 Air Quality in Ontario report released last week shows that smog-causing pollutants have decreased in scope in Ontario, according to a press release from the Government of Ontario.

Even if this province is doing well in terms of air pollution, climate change is still a major problem on a global scale. For example, in London, air pollutants are a reason why scientists have recently told parents to use plastic covers over kids’ strollers when taking their children to school, according to Time magazine.

Climate change can impact the air quality in our society, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Emissions into the air make changes to our climate. Certain particles in our air can either warm or cool the climate.

Combustion pollutants like black carbon leads to a general warming of the globe. Additionally, changes in the climate could negatively affect the quality of the air around us.

The warming of the atmosphere may have an impact on increasing ground-level ozone levels. Researchers are looking to further understand how changes in climate influence air pollution and find out how reducing air pollutants could benefit the fight against global warming. reports that global warming and changes in the climate impact the quality of air through three ways, which include outdoor air pollution, indoor air pollution, and aeroallergens.

Changing weather patterns such as precipitation changes, rising temperatures and wind patterns also move air pollutants into different locations. When carbon dioxide levels rise, plant growth is promoted and airborne allergens are released into the environment.

The airborne allergens will make a difference in increasing both indoor and outdoor air pollution. Air pollution can negatively impact human respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

In addition to the pollution in London mentioned previously, the American Lung Association has found that 125 million Americans live in the midst of unhealthy levels of pollution. Some of the potential problems with air and water pollution include asthma attacks, lung cancer, and cardiovascular and development problems.

This shows how pollution can impact the health of people around the globe. Those with asthma or other lung problems need to take their health seriously and try to improve the quality of the air around them.

With outdoor air quality reaching poor levels in many cities, people are working to keep the air clean inside their home. If you want to make your home environment clean and free of pollutants, you will need to think about the heating and cooling systems inside your house or apartment.

You might have a lot of dust inside your home. These pollutants may be sucked into your air conditioning system and circulated around your home every day. These dusty ducts could harm your health and make asthma worse.

If you want to improve your health and have a clean indoor environment, you might want to hire professional duct cleaners. You can call Canaduct professionals at 416-410-3777.


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I don't usually write these, but I just had to take a minute to say thank you. I had an appointment with Canaduct last week. Almost immediately after they left my home, I noticed a difference, particularly in my air. It has really improved! I cannot thank you enough for all of the hard work, and of course, the amazing results.

Hilary Lawrence, Toronto (Ontario), May 29, 2014

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We had our ducts cleaned last week and the results are amazing. It has really improved the air in our home. Plus, there seems to be less dust hanging around. We are so thrilled with the positive changes to our home. We wanted to say thank you very much to Canaduct for everything. We really do appreciate it.

Benjamin and Christie Wilcox, Vaughan (Ontario), April 26, 2014

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The entire family has noticed a difference in our home since the visit from Canaduct. Our youngest daughter was coughing a lot, but it already her cough has improved. We are all very pleased with the quality of work that was done. Thank you for everything that you have done.

Bhatia Family, Toronto (Ontario), April 22, 2014

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A massive thank you to everyone at Canaduct. The day of, they came by on time, did a great job, and had a professional attitude. Since then, my home is better than ever. I have found that air is cleaner...and I can breathe a little easier now! From start to finish, things were done well. I am glad that I chose Canaduct to take care of my home.

Jake Stevens, Toronto (Ontario), April 9, 2014