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March 2014 Promotion With Better Heating & Cooling

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Sometimes, money is tight. There are always all sorts of home expenses adding up! Whether you need a fresh coat of paint on the front door or it's time for an air duct cleaning, it can be pretty easy to delay important home maintenance. To avoid the temptation, turn to Canaduct. During the month of March 2014, we are teaming up with Better Heating & Cooling, the leading Richmond Hill Furnace Installation Company, for a special limited time promotion. We are offering a free air duct cleaning along with any furnace installation they perform. That is one easy way to keep a little extra money in your wallet!

At Canaduct, we understand just how essential it is to have clean air ducts in your home. When dust, dirt, debris, and other contaminants build-up inside of your ductwork, it puts your entire family at risk. Many health risks have been linked to unclean air ducts. If you or another member of your family has dealt with allergies, constant cold-like symptoms, headaches, migraines, sinus issues, or difficulty breathing, unclean ducts may be to blame. When we remove those dangerous contaminants, your home air is cleaner and overall health is improved.

Having a properly working furnace is also essential. Why? Your furnace is what keeps your home temperature comfortable throughout the year. Whatever the weather is like outside, you can rest easy knowing that you won't have to deal with any of those extreme temperatures. This can give you both the comfort you deserve and a little extra assurance.

Both your air ducts and furnace rely on one another. They are used to keep your home at a desired temperature. Your furnace is where the air itself is heated or cooled and your air ducts are then used to circulate that air. When one isn't working properly, the other is affected. For instance, if your air ducts are full of contaminants, your furnace needs to work even harder to push the air through. That puts an additional strain on the unit, which can shorten the lifespan or even increase your monthly energy bill. If your furnace is older, on the other hand, that can make it more difficult to effectively heat or cool air and push it through the ducts.

One thing is evident: your ducts and furnace play a key role in the way your home runs. So, this year, stop putting off your home maintenance to save a little bit of money. You may end up spending more by trying to save. It's true! By avoiding an air duct cleaning, you may think you're saving money. The reality is different, however. Unclean ducts make your energy bill climb. If you've been putting off furnace replacement, the same can be said. A higher energy bill and added repair costs make the delay far more costly in the long run.

If you're ready to improve your home - and save a bit of money while you're at it - March is your month. With this special offer from Canaduct and Better Heating & Cooling, your home will be better than ever.

Is it time for an air duct cleaning in your home? Contact Canaduct Duct Cleaning at: 416-410-3777. Our experienced staff members specialize in residential and commercial air duct cleaning.


5 Stars

"I noticed a difference..." - 5 out of 5 stars

I don't usually write these, but I just had to take a minute to say thank you. I had an appointment with Canaduct last week. Almost immediately after they left my home, I noticed a difference, particularly in my air. It has really improved! I cannot thank you enough for all of the hard work, and of course, the amazing results.

Hilary Lawrence, Toronto (Ontario), May 29, 2014

5 Stars

"The results are amazing..." - 5 out of 5 stars

We had our ducts cleaned last week and the results are amazing. It has really improved the air in our home. Plus, there seems to be less dust hanging around. We are so thrilled with the positive changes to our home. We wanted to say thank you very much to Canaduct for everything. We really do appreciate it.

Benjamin and Christie Wilcox, Vaughan (Ontario), April 26, 2014

5 Stars

"her cough has improved..." - 5 out of 5 stars

The entire family has noticed a difference in our home since the visit from Canaduct. Our youngest daughter was coughing a lot, but it already her cough has improved. We are all very pleased with the quality of work that was done. Thank you for everything that you have done.

Bhatia Family, Toronto (Ontario), April 22, 2014

5 Stars

"They came by on time, did a great job..." - 5 out of 5 stars

A massive thank you to everyone at Canaduct. The day of, they came by on time, did a great job, and had a professional attitude. Since then, my home is better than ever. I have found that air is cleaner...and I can breathe a little easier now! From start to finish, things were done well. I am glad that I chose Canaduct to take care of my home.

Jake Stevens, Toronto (Ontario), April 9, 2014