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Especially living in Bradford West Gwillimbury, whether in town, the marsh or rural countryside, you are often at work longer than almost anywhere else in your waking hours. Clean air in the office or commercial establishment is more important than ever before. Mites, pollen, vents and other people’s dander don’t just stay in your office vent, they could migrate home with you. Help yourself and your colleagues breathe easier, by considering a commercial Bradford duct cleaning company (for home or work).

  1. Duct Cleaning BradfordDuct Cleaning for Workplace Safety

  • You wouldn’t dream of drinking out of a dirty office coffee mug; what are you and your colleagues are breathing every minute of every hour of the working day, behind the walls, and in the vents.
  • Safety is of the utmost importance in your Bradford office (and home). Creating a safe, clean work environment is of vital importance; no one wants to bring home the sniffles from the office to their loved ones.
  • Working in someone else’s grime? Mold, pollen, mites and dander is commonly found in workplace venting systems. How long has it been since your company has cleaned the vents? How many offices before yours were never cleaned out of the duct work?
  • Has your facility renovated recently? All that drywall dust you think gets cleaned up, often seeps down the vents. No need to breathe it in every time the air or heat (HVAC) comes on.
  1. Indoor Air Quality for Workplace Health

  • Wouldn’t you love to have your Bradford workplace or home free of dust mites, allergens, pet hair, spores, pollen and all the unpleasant debris that can accumulate in your air and heating ducts? Regular duct cleaning can remedy this quickly and easily!
  • Having a regular air duct cleaner will help you breathe healthy air and likely cut down on heating costs in your home and at your business. Residential and commercial duct cleaning can keep you happy and healthy at home and at work.
  • Have a funky odour that doesn’t seem to be remedied by regular office cleaners? Consider having the workplace professionally sanitized.
  1. Corporate Credibility & Wide Service Area Technicians

  • The Bradford duct cleaning crew should have professional equipment, such as a vacuum truck or fairly substantial portable unit. If your furnace has not been serviced previously, the technicians should be drilling access holes into the furnace, covering all the vents, and cleaning the vents one at a time, and filling the access holes with plugs when completed.
  • Ensure they are industry certified (duct cleaning association)
  • Broad coverage area is especially handy for Corporate clients who have multiple retail, warehouse, office, skyscrapers, condos, or rental properties.

Choose a Bradford duct cleaning service that ensures your heating and cooling systems will operate at peak efficiency, saving money on energy costs.

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