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Caledon, nestled between Orangeville and Brampton and encompassing the urban center of Bolton is often overlooked by Air Duct Cleaning Companies. Canaduct with our large service area across much of Southern Ontario, is proud to be tending to Commercial, Residential and Government facilities alike. More than just Duct Cleaning, choose from Indoor Air Quality Assessments, Furnace Maintenance, Sanitization, Humidifier Installations, HEPA filtration add-ons and more.

How do I know if my building needs air duct cleaning?Caledon Duct Cleaning Ontario Canada Bolton

A few ways. If when you dust in the morning and you see a film by the end of the day. Sneezing when the furnace comes on? Constantly seeing floating particles in the air inside, especially when the sun comes out.

If you’re unsure of when the last time (if ever) the last furnace vent cleaning appointment was. There should be an access panel close to the furnace in the duct work, if not, duct work cleaning – or professional cleaning hasn’t been done as of yet.

Or if one room is particularly hotter, colder or more humid than other rooms – or nothing can be felt from the vent when the furnace is on – aka a blocked duct / vent, as is common in places with children and pets.

Professional equipment includes a commercial truck with specialized high powered vac system for detached homes, retail spaces, grocery stores, schools, offices; or a robust portable commercial unit for condos or where access to parking is far from the facility to be cleaned.

A humidifier too, can be of help with floating particles, once established there are no vent blockages.

Humidity both too low and too high can affect the building as well – too low and cracks in wood and structural issues can arise, too much and you may find mushrooms growing in the shower.

For people, dry skin, chapped lips, static shocks and even nose bleeds – can be indicators of a building that needs added humidity.

Interestingly enough, higher humidity can make the air feel warmer than it actually is, therefore, the thermostat can rest at a lower level, saving on energy costs (as per the EPA – Environmental Protection Agency).  Likewise, a humidifier can also help make cool air feel cooler in the summer.

The wrong size of furnace too can affect humidity levels, comfort control and excessive cost to run. Too big and it is constantly cycling on an off the heat/cool may not make it to every room as the cycle shuts off before it is distributed evenly, too small and it is overworking again not reaching every room and running more than it needs to, causing excessive wear on mechanical parts.

Some clients have saved up to 50% on their heating bills just by changing the furnace alone. Energy Star suggests considering a furnace replacement of a furnace over 10 years old.

Maintaining HVAC Equipment – according to Energy Star – dirt and neglect are top causes of heating system inefficiency and even failure.

Changing the air filter regularly – preventing dirt and dust building up in the system – if left unchecked can lead to larger system failure. Energy Star suggests checking the filter every month, or in the very least in the heavier usage months during summer and winter. Be sure to change it yourself or have someone change it if it’s dirty or if 3 months have passed since the last change.

Good quality furnace maintenance can do wonders – Even Energy Star agrees that lubing the mechanical parts in the furnace to reduce friction in motors (which reduces the amount of energy needed to run them) is essential. Lack of lube can also cause equipment to wear out more quickly and therefore requiring more frequent repairs and parts replacement.

HEPA Filtration units can often be retrofitted to an existing system. If this is something you or your building needs, just contact us for options. These days, fresh clean purified air is essential.

Ensure your heating and cooling systems at your home or business are operating at peak efficiency. Our air duct quality service will help you breathe clean, healthy air at work or home; saving money on energy costs and can help improve the bottom line.

Whether you own a restaurant, manage a retail store, office, warehouse, or work in a government facility, the interior air quality in that building is critical to the health of your staff, patrons & customers, now more than ever. Ask about our Indoor Air Quality assessment service.

Canaduct Cleaning has multiple trucks that service commercial and residential buildings for duct cleaning and furnace servicing in Caledon, Toronto the GTA and much of Southern Ontario. We also offer natural disinfectants to sanitize an entire building’s air to help you ensure you pass standards for cleanliness and the highest quality of breathable air.

With over 20 years experience, we can assess your current situation and offer retrofitting options that can increase the quality of breathable air in the existing infrastructure, as well as recommend energy savings and cost saving options on day-to-day operation.

We are industry certified for the following:

  • Duct Cleaning / Air Vent Cleaning – Commercial, Residential, Institutional
  • Fire/Flood Restoration (which require appropriate odour removal tools)
  • Indoor Air Quality Services (IAQ) including Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Whole Home Sanitization
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning

Do you have multiple workplace facilities, franchises, homes or offices?

Canaduct’s broad range of coverage provides a huge duct cleaning service area in Southern Ontario including the Greater Toronto Area. No need to deal with multiple companies, technicians and locations. One call will solve it all.

Types of Buildings:

  • Warehouses
  • Offices: high rise, low rise and ground floor
  • Retail stores & Grocery stores
  • Medical buildings & Hospitals
  • Schools; Elementary, Secondary, Public, Private; Day-cares
  • Real estate buildings & holdings, high rises, rental properties
  • Townhouses, walk-ups, low rise, homes, condos, lofts

Call us if your building isn’t listed above, we can make arrangements.

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Our Residential and Commercial Duct Cleaning Service Area Includes: Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Georgetown, Milton, Scarborough, North York, Etobicoke, Islington, Rexdale, Weston, The Beaches, East York, Richmond Hill, Maple, Newmarket, Bradford, Aurora, Innisfil, Markham, Stouffville, Uxbridge, Unionville, Vaughan, Concord, Woodbridge, King City, Bolton, Caledon, Pickering, Bowmanville, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Hamilton, Burlington

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