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Does Air Conditioner Stink? Here’s What To Do About It

Air Conditioning Smells Bad

Whenever you smell a foul odour coming from your air conditioning vents, chances are, it’s one of two things: a bird’s nest or a dead animal. Yes, that ac smell is horrible and you can’t stand to breathe the air inside your home.

In addition to our vent and duct cleaning services, Canaduct Duct Cleaning performs expert removal of dead “critters” from your duct work and air vents. From time to time, intrepid birds, rats or mice will build nests in exposed kitchen exhaust vents, and dryer vents. Very often, they leave behind a load of debris including sticks, twigs and other nesting materials that keep the air from ventilating through your duct work. Unfortunately, sometimes these animals will get stuck and die in those nests, causing a foul odour to circulate throughout your home.

The professionals at Canaduct Duct Cleaning expertly remove dead animals and debris from your ducts and vents using a reverse-flush system of compressed air that will rid your system of all the materials placed there by the animal. This method is perfect for kitchen and dryer ventilation systems as well as hvac ductwork, removing all the debris so air can once again flow freely through your home. Very often, screens placed over these exposed vents will deter animals from attempting to make them their home in the future.

If you have a bad odour coupled with the debris, Canaduct Duct Cleaning performs odour extraction as well, using an all-natural enzyme solution that effectively rids your ductwork of foul odour of dead animals.

There’s no mistaking that bad AC smell – as soon as you get a whiff of it, you know what it is. Give Canaduct Duct Cleaning a call, toll free, at 1 (866) 488-3828 from anywhere in Toronto or the GTA. We’ll perform air duct cleaning and eradicate that smell so you can get back to breathing clean, healthy air.

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