Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Commercial Duct Cleaning

commercial duct cleaningOffices and commercial spaces can be breeding grounds for germs and viruses; Canaduct Duct Cleaning believes that regular commercial duct cleaning and sanitization with Health Canada approved products will help lessen the chances of colds, flu and other viruses running rampant throughout your office. When your employees breathe clean, healthy air, their productivity increases, and they’ll spend less time off sick.

Commercial Duct Cleaning for Environmental Health

As important as having clean vents is to your commercial environment, commercial duct cleaning is just as crucial in a commercial or office setting. When people spend long hours indoors, especially in winter time, the chances of spreading germs and viral infections increases.

Commercial Duct Cleaning for Savings on Energy Consumption

Excess dust and debris can put undue stress on commercial HVAC systems. If your commercial furnace or air conditioner is working harder, it is using more energy. This increases expenses unnecessarily, and furthermore is decreasing the potential life of the heating and air units themselves. Ensure your heating and cooling systems in your business are operating at peak efficiency – by replacing an inefficient furnace can save up to 50% on energy bills.

Commercial Duct Cleaning for Warehouses

An office attached to a commercial space such as a warehouse or manufacturing facility will have higher amounts of dirt, debris and allergens in the air. Dust can gather on stock sitting in warehouses, and travel through vents causing allergic reactions and respiratory ailments. Manufacturing components can cause similar harm to workers and office employees. Why put your business and the health of your employees at risk, when vent cleaning is a simple and cost-effective procedure?

Commercial HEPA Filters (Hospital Grade)

HEPA air purifying systems can be tied into existing duct work relatively seamlessly in both homes and commercial properties, including office buildings. However, the size of the home and the size of the filtration system correlation matter.

Purified Air Depends on the Number of ‘Air Changes’ Per Hour (ACPH or ACH)

A big consideration is – how many Air Changes per hour do you want in the building? The more changes per hour the purer the air. For example, a hospital patient room has approximate 6 air changes per hour, whereas an operating theatre (room) has anywhere from 30-60 air changes per hour.

Air Change = a measurement of how many time the air within a room (space) is replace (generally per hour – standard measurement)

Hospitals typically use HEPA filters – as they were originally designed by the military.

HEPA filters are a specific type of filter, and are standardized to be required and tested to filter 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns and above.

Smaller particles are not necessarily ignored by the filter, many do get trapped, just not at the 99.97% level (some 0.2 or below may be trapped at the 99.95% level, but to be considered a HEPA filter are unable to advertise that fact). Essentially more the air circulates through the system, the more particles and pathogens are trapped.

Learn more about Commercial Hepa Filtration here

Commercial Sanitization

We realized commercial spaces were asking for sanitization services now more than ever and at regular intervals (daily/weekly/bi-weekly/monthly), all year round due to prevention measures, as well as for some, help with allergies, fire restoration, flood damage, approved for offices, hospitals, seniors’ homes, daycares, gyms, vet clinics & animal kennels/shelters, health clinics, restaurants, bars, spas, schools, hotels and more – see the label below.

Your facility can avoid having cold and flu germs traveling throughout your office by performing regular commercial air duct cleaning and Sanitization with Health Canada approved products.

By giving your employees cleaner air to breathe on the job, you’ll lessen the likelihood of illness, particularly in cold weather, when immunity may be compromised due to poor diet or exposure to the elements.

More info on commercial sanitization here

Commercial Odour Removal

From time to time, an unwelcome “critter” may find itself trapped in your air ducts or vents. Unfortunately, this scenario never ends well for the mouse, rat, squirrel, or other creature that finds itself stuck in your air duct. It could take a while before you realize that an animal has died, but the smell is unmistakable, not to mention powerful and lingering.

Other rancid smells can occur for other reasons such as:

  • smoking cigarettes, cigars, etc
  • lingering cooking fumes such as fish, garlic, curry, and other spices
  • mold and mildew (damp basement)
  • toilet overflow or other plumbing leak
  • heavy rainfall flooding
  • dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles and other pets
  • dead rodents in walls or ducts
  • old carpets and newly installed carpets
  • smoke from a fire
  • nonenal odours from the aged/seniors homes
  • smelly air conditioner and dirty air ducts

More information on commercial odour removal here

Canaduct is industry Certified and offers fast efficient appointments for our commercial clients for these services:

  • Commercial duct cleaning
  • Air vent cleaning
  • Dryer duct cleaning
  • HVAC maintenance
  • Boiler Systems
  • Commercial Humidifiers
  • Indoor Air Quality Specialists
  • Odour removal Specialists (powerful yet all natural treatments)
  • Fire or Flood restoration

Canaduct Duct Cleaning’s duct cleaners know how important it is to remove dust, debris and allergens from your ventilation system.

Types of Buildings We Duct Clean Commercially:

  • Offices: high rise, low rise and ground floor, warehouses
  • Retail stores, grocery stores, real estate offices, lawyers’ offices, banks
  • Medical buildings & hospitals, spas, hair salons
  • Schools; elementary, secondary, public, private; day-cares
  • Seniors’ homes, long term care facilities, retirement homes
  • Real estate buildings & holdings, high rises, rental properties
  • Hotels, motels, Air BnB’s, multiplexes, apartment buildings
  • Detached houses, townhouses, walk-ups, low rise, homes,
  • Condos high rise, mid rise, low rise

Call us if your building isn’t listed above, we can make arrangements.

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