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Commercial Duct Cleaning in TorontoIf you’re looking for commercial duct cleaning in Toronto – Canaduct is an industry leader businesses have turned to for over 20 years and have serviced every type of commercial property including high rises, factories, warehouses, tourist attractions, Box Stores / Retail, Grocery Stores, Government buildings, Schools, Medical Centres and more.

Whether a new building or existing, we are here for any kind of HVAC service you need over and above commercial duct cleaning such as HVAC maintenance and repair. We have a fleet of service trucks, and a large service area, so if you have more than one location or build happening at the same time, we can dispatch multiple technicians to each of your locations. This is especially handy for chain restaurants, box stores, and malls. Property managers only need to make one call and all of their locations can be serviced.

With prompt service, highly experienced technicians will handle commercial duct cleaning and HVAC maintenance for your property expertly and efficiently. We offer priority booking for our large commercial clients.

Choosing a reputable company is paramount – this is no climate in which to be taking unnecessary risks, especially since a commercial duct cleaning company will have access to the majority of rooms in the facility. A company with longevity and proven track record especially in Toronto such as Canaduct is a prudent choice.

Canaduct Cleaning is able to curb the extensive pollution caused by environmental influences such as carpets, plastics and cleaning supplies entrapping your Toronto commercial building/offices! Commercial Duct Cleaning is a great option to help your workplace to healthier air.

We have commercial grade duct cleaning trucks and equipment – with the highest PSI available on the market. We are industry certified and are also fire/flood restorationists, Indoor Air Quality Specialists (IAQ), and also offer fogging sanitization services.

Our air quality services and technicians will examine your systems and environment and make customized recommendations based on your location, needs and equipment. Book a test and evaluation for your commercial property today.

Commercial humidifiers and air exchangers which can be retrofitted to existing HVAC systems are also available. For offices, commercial or industrial warehouses, retail store fronts, server centers, in Toronto and GTA, low humidity levels can put your equipment, merchandise and inventory investments at risk. Static shock due to static electricity is also a major concern, for both staff and equipment.

Installing humidifiers in your commercial property can address all these issues, and also help to reduce your utility costs. If the system can maintain the desired 35-50% humidity in your building, you can save on energy costs, as the property humidity level helps occupants feel comfortable even at lower temperatures. It is an established fact that humidified air feels much warmer than dry air, providing your occupants with clean, warm and moist air in winter.

Ensure your commercial heating and cooling systems are operating at peak efficiency by booking an appointment today.

About Us:

As a recognized industry leader, with over 20 years in business based out of Toronto, Canaduct specializes in comprehensive commercial duct cleaning, in addition to HVAC maintenance and repair, along with the highest standards of integrity in the industry.

Our stellar reputation in the cleaning air ducts and related services is the result of our utmost professionalism and extremely hard work for over multiple decades. We have a large service area covering the majority of high-density Southern Ontario.

Have us handle the majority of property management task lists such as: professional sanitization, cleaning dryer vents, improving indoor air quality to meet health and safety standards, maintaining boilers, heaters, furnaces, air conditioning, and the like at all of your commercial properties. Just make one call to service your HVAC cleaning for all your building locations.

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