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Improving home air qualityAs city dwellers we spend most of our time indoors at both our home and workplace, which may necessitate the need for duct cleaning services in Toronto and GTA properties. We can’t necessarily choose what outdoor air we breathe, but we can control the indoor air we, our children and even our coworkers inhale to a large extent.

We and our children breathe 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Annually approximately 40lbs of dust is created in an average sized Toronto home and cycles through the vent recirculation system around of 60 times per day (likely much more in a workplace). It’s only natural to deduct that this collects up in the duct work over time. Our duct cleaning services in Toronto and GTA can help remedy this easily, effectively and efficiently.

You spend a lot of time and effort into constantly cleaning our floors, counters, fixtures, clothing and children to keep them fresh and germ free in our visual range, but what about what’s lurking around in your vents?

Critters, children’s toys and other unimaginables have possibly made their way into the venting system, and considering the rapid rate of Toronto’s housing market turnover, that might not be just your own family’s dirt, dander and microbes, but should you not have had duct cleaning done prior to moving in, then, also the many families before.

Your aging parents who may have lived in Toronto all their lives are also of immense consideration when it comes to duct cleaning, as, like children, their immune systems are more vulnerable and having been in their houses even longer, might have an extensive buildup of mold, dust mites, bacteria and other germs and crawlies in the vents, which could affect their well being, and even longevity.

The elderly may not understand the importance of clean, germ free air, but you do. And we all know they don’t want to move out of their own home! Should they get sick, they might have to move into a nursing home and subsequently going to grandma or grandpa’s house would be a vital change to your children.  Wouldn’t it be a great gift to arrange for a duct cleaning service in Toronto to keep your aging loved ones, and your children’s grandparents healthy vibrant and strong?

Canaduct Duct Cleaning’s duct cleaning service comprehensive 8 Point duct cleaning inspection, removing many kilograms of dirt, debris and other household contaminants such as food, pet hair and dander from each home and office every year.

No one wants to take work germs home to their families and children; ask your health and safety department when the last time the vents were cleaned at your Toronto office or place of employment.

Removing all dust, dirt and debris from your heating and cooling system, ensuring they operate at peak efficiency, can help your company save money on energy costs, and reducing downtime. Being proactive in keeping the company air sanitary, reduces sick leave and plummeting company moral, from other employees having other to do double duty to cover the work of those on leave. Duct cleaning can make it easier for the staff and the bottom line.

Do you have multiple commercial or workplace facilities, franchises, shopping centers or rental homes or offices? Canaduct’s broad range of coverage area provides an expansive duct cleaning service area in Southern Ontario including the Greater Toronto Area. No need to hassle with multiple companies, technicians and locations. One call will solve it all.

You’ll not only sleep better at night, but be more alert and productive at work, thanks to Canaduct Duct Cleaning services in Toronto and GTA. For an instant free estimate, call us at 416-410-3777 or fill out the form below:

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