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condo duct cleaningInstalling a humidifier in your Toronto home is not only beneficial to your family’s health, but also to the health of your residential and commercial structure as well as your furnishings, electronics and equipment.

Help ward off the risk of colds, flu and other infections, by monitoring the humidity level in your home. In excessively cold climates, such as our Toronto and GTA winters, the dry air can drop to as low as 5-10% humidity, leading to skin irritation, nose and throat dryness, causing respiratory issues and static electricity.

According to industry leader Dr. Mercola, flu viruses survive longer, and spread more easily, when humidity levels are low. Many suffer with “winter itch”, a dry scaly skin issue, which can cause cracking and leave home residents susceptible to dangerous pathogens, which could have been an easily avoidable situation, remedied by installing a humidifier.

Controlling the relative humidity of your Toronto home, condominium or apartment is essential in maintaining a comfortable and healthy indoor air environment. Your antiques and heirloom pieces of furniture can also benefit from the installation of a humidifier as excessive dry air can lead to cracking. Low humidity also results in dry floorboards, plants and flowers drying out and warping of door frames and other wooden fixtures. We all know Toronto real estate is pricey at best, and installing a humidifier can go a long way to protecting one of your biggest investments.

For offices, commercial or industrial warehouses, retail store fronts, server centers, in Toronto and GTA, low humidity levels can put your equipment, merchandise and inventory investments at risk. Static shock due to static electricity is also a major concern, for both staff and equipment.
The incidence of absenteeism for respiratory infections was found to be higher among employees working in environments with low humidity.

Installing humidifiers in your home or office can address all these issues, and also help to reduce your utility costs. If you can maintain the desired 35-50% humidity in your home, you can save on your Toronto Hydro bills as you feel comfortable even at lower temperatures when the humidity is at ideal levels. It is an established fact that humidified air feels much warmer than dry air, providing you with clean, warm and moist air in winter.

CanaDuct Cleaning has more than ten years’ of experience and expertise in installing humidifiers in the Greater Toronto Area. We are a certified humidifier installing company, working to the highest industry standards. So call us now for your installation of humidifiers and filters.

We install the following Humidifiers in Toronto and the GTA residential or commercial properties: Aprilaire Humidifier, Honeywell Humidifier, GeneralAire Humidifier, or other brand that will suit your needs.

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