What does the Humidifier do for you during the summer and winter?

Humidity Summer WinterMost home owners do not know much about a Humidifier. A very common question of often asked is, “what does the Humidifier do for you during the summer and winter?” Once a Humidifier is installed, it has year around benefits. During the winter, the homes tend to get very dry with very low humidity. This leads to build up of static electricity which causes a very uncomfortable sensation every time you touch anything metallic. The continual dryness leads to a dry mouth and sore throat; even the nasal passages can dry up and lead to episodes of nose bleeds. The skin also becomes dry and feels very itchy. The body will feel tired and stiff and your desire to drink water will be continuous. Inadequate humidity during the winter can worsen illness like emphysema, throat infections and the common cold.

Almost everything in your home is made from wood, which retains its shine and gloss because of the moisture. As the dry air removes all moisture out, the wood will start to shrink and crack. You will start to notice your hardwood floor separate at the seams, furniture will show cracks, and the doors may no longer fir the frame because the moisture has been removed.

In addition, the dryness in the home leads to cracks and peeling of the paint in the walls and ceiling. By using a Humidifier one can prevent all of the above.

During the summer, the humidity will cause a sensation of stickiness and you will feel fatigued.

Once you have Humidifier installed, you can get rid of the above problems by setting the humidity at a comfortable level (35-50 percent); it can make breathing easier, relieve the dry skin and itching. The right amount of humidity will make the quality of your life better and you will not constantly feel tried, itchy or have joint pains.

Installing a Humidifier in your home has many long term benefits including saving money on utilities. Your health will improve and your furniture and painting will be preserved. Installing a Humidifier is a day job and the appliance can be used right away. Most new model Humidifiers are of low maintenance and last a long time. The only item that needs regular replacement is the Humidifier pad.

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