Move In Duct Cleaning

Move-In Carpet and Duct CleaningLate summer is the time when many people are moving into new homes. It’s back to school time and everyone wants to get settled before Labour Day.

If your new home has a central air/heating system and has been vacant for a while, you want to have move-in Duct Cleaning before you start positioning your furniture and belongings. Not to mention over 30,000 skin cells are shed by the average human every hour of every day, it’s just a great idea to not have someone else’s grime in your new abode.

Canaduct Duct Cleaning specializes in air duct and vent cleaning in all types of homes throughout Toronto and the GTA. If your new home has been uninhabited for an extended period, you have not idea how much dirt and debris has been accumulating in your ducts and vents. Move-in Duct Cleaning will ensure that dirt, debris and allergens are removed from your vents, so when you turn the air conditioning system on, you won’t be blowing dirt and dust all over your furniture. Plus, clean air ducts will help your family breathe easier, keeping them healthy, especially if anyone in your household is prone to respiratory ailments.

If the prior occupants had pets, they’ve certainly left behind fur, pet dander and other surprises in the duct work.

The only way to be sure your home is completely healthy is to have your ducts cleaned before moving in. Canaduct Duct Cleaning can help you achieve that healthy home quickly and easily. Fill out the contact form for your area and one of our Duct Cleaning specialists will be in touch to schedule your appointment.

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