Residential Duct Cleaning

Residential Duct Cleaning – Keep your family healthy and safe

residential-duct-cleaning-for-homeDid you know duct cleaning for your home is as essential for family health and safety as doing the dishes, laundry or washing the floor?

You wouldn’t dream of feeding your kid off a dirty plate, but what are your loved ones breathing every minute of every hour they are home – behind your walls, and lurking in your vents?

An average of 40lbs of dirt, dust, debris and dander is generated in a typical home in a year. This type of debris could cause or exacerbate respiratory issues, aggravate autoimmune disorders and provoke environmental allergies. Even our fur babies, no matter how fastidious we are at cleaning up after them, all that residual floating coating goes somewhere, and that is down the vents!

Whether it be a house, condo, apartment, townhouse – as long as it has vents, any dwelling can be serviced.

Do you find yourself or your kids sneezing when the furnace or air comes on?

If that whistling sound you hear isn’t coming from your nose, it just might be your ducts. If this is the case, your ventilation system might be constricted. Not only could this be hazardous to your furnace and a safety issue, you will also likely be overpaying for your heating and cooling due to making the HVAC work harder – this is a call now – not later situation!

If allergy attacks or respiratory infections are commonplace in your household, consider all the mold spores, dust, mites, microbes, pollen and other creepy crawlies that is stirred up and distributed to the air around you each time the HVAC unit comes on.

I’m sure you agree safety is of the utmost importance in your home (and office).  Along with locking the doors at night, likewise hopefully clean air and safety is hopefully also first and foremost on the list.

Did you know home dryer vents are among the top causes of house fires?

You put much effort into providing a nice, clean, safe home for your family, and it is clearly important. Therefore, did you know that household dryer vents are the cause of approximately 16,000 home fires per year?

Even if you clean out your dryer vent twice per year those tubes that lead behind the walls and through the ceilings can collect an astounding amount of highly flammable dryer lint at every twist and bend. It’s a see it to believe it.

Consider also, the people who owned the home before you, and the people before them? How good were they at cleaning out the dryer trap and exhaust vents?

Is your dryer taking too long to dry?

Clogged vents could be making the air too moist to try to push the hot air through to the outside, and creating a wet soppy mess inside your pipes. This could be adding to your electricity or gas bill, by having the dryer to try to take extra time and effort to try to get the job done. It can also create moisture in the attic and behind the walls, creating havoc there too.

Ask your residential duct cleaning technician to show you what came out of those dryer pipes! You will be glad you did.

Is your family living in someone else’s grime? Have you moved in or out recently? Mystery Stains? Odour Issues?

No sense breathing in the previous owner’s pet hair, dust or worse yet other people’s dander. EEK!

You’ve changed all the garbages, diaper genies and cleaned out the garage, you’ve check the attic and the basement yet still… what is that horrid smell? We have on-site odour removal & certified indoor air quality (IAQ) specialists.

We offer move-in and out services, in which it is all cleaned and ready to go before you move in all of your furnishings.
Such as:

  • Duct Cleaning / Cold and Warm Air Vent
  • Furnace Maintenance, Air Conditioning Maintenance
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessments
  • Professional Sanitization of Surfaces

Need duct cleaning for a home with a previous smoker?

Not only do we clean and sanitize your vents, we also use an all natural yet extremely effective odour control treatment as part of our residential duct cleaning routine.

We are also certified IAQ specialists (indoor air quality) – we have various options to eliminate the smell of smoke. We use equipment and products that are certified for used in disaster recovery and fire cleanup situations.

Done a home renovation recently?

All that drywall dust you think gets swept up, often seeps down the vents. No need for it to coat your beautiful furnishings yet again when the furnace or air conditioner comes on.

Wouldn’t you love to have your home free of dust mites, allergens, dander, pet hair and all the unpleasant debris and odours that can accumulate in your air ducts? Regular duct cleaning can remedy this quickly and easily!

Not just home – have you considered the workplace school and daycare?

  • Ask your kid’s school or daycare management when the last time the ducts were cleaned, and the IAQ (indoor air quality) was professionally measured. Also ask when the HVAC system was maintained. Foul odours can often originate from the heating or air conditioning units.
  • Don’t bring your coworkers dander home with you! Be the best you can be for your family and your career. Ask your health and safety committee the last time your commercial ducts were cleaned in your work place! Debris in the vents can lead to health issues, resulting in downtime.
  •  Our Disinfecting and Odour Removal products are ideal for removing the foulest of odours. These all natural products are also used in disaster recovery zones for relief of powerful odours, especially from flood or smoke damage; and they contain safe, effective essential oils and are environmentally friendly to keep your home and workplace safe!
  • Request monthly professional disinfecting with Benefect – it’s a powerful all natural, and safe disinfectant qualified for used in schools, hospitals, daycares, trauma cleanup and more.


Protecting yourself and your home:

Does the duct cleaning company have proper professional equipment?

  • Cleaning ducts is not a guy or gal with a 5 gallon shop vac! Look for highly specialized, professional grade equipment such as a van with a powerful vac system, or a substantial portable unit. A simple tech with a single shop vac and a hose is likely not a viable candidate to enter your home, office or commercial space.
  • Don’t just take their word for it, be sure check out the company. industry Certification (duct cleaning association) is a requirement for anyone entering your home, school or workplace. Confirm their status yourself by visiting the industry website.
  • In addition, professional equipment is necessary to drill proper access vents into the furnace, should residential duct cleaning never have been done prior, and have specialized rubber plugs to place over the access holes afterwards.
  • If the home has had duct cleaning previously, the technician should still be accessing the furnace through pre-existing access points to fully clean the system.

Do they do commercial duct cleaning as well?

  • A shady company will not likely last long in the commercial environment. Be sure to check their years of service, and if they have been in service for ten years or more. Likely if they have lots of customer referrals then, well the proof speaks for itself. You will also be assured their equipment is top notch, as commercial requirements are often higher than residential.
  • This is also handy if you have multiple residences, cottages, rental houses and other properties, as they will have a large coverage area, and you can have one company handle everything.
  • Having the furnace maintained and the air filters changed, and the air conditioner checked at the same time, and any other items on the honey do list like odour removal and professional sanitization of surfaces is also a great idea!

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