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From time to time, an unwelcome “critter” may find itself trapped in your air ducts or vents. Unfortunately, this scenario never ends well for the mouse, rat, squirrel, or other creature that finds itself stuck in your air duct. It could take a while before you realize that an animal has died, but the smell is unmistakable, not to mention powerful and lingering.

Fortunately, Canaduct Duct Cleaning can help you remove dead animal odours from your air ducts and vents using VaporTek Air Treatment Technologies. Vaportek’s products have been in worldwide use since 1979 and are ideal for removing just about any foul odour. Their products are used in disaster recovery zones for relief of powerful odours resulting from flood or smoke damage. Their all natural formulas contain safe, effective essential oils and are environmentally friendly. Their treatment options include products made specifically to remove dead animal odours from air conditioning and heating vents and ducts, easily eradicating the scent of an animal who had the misfortune of getting trapped.

Canaduct Duct Cleaning is proud to offer VaporTek’s odour removal solutions to our customers, whenever you are in need of them. Treatments using VaporTek products start at $120.00. For more information, or for an estimate, give us a call at 416-410-3777.

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