Unionville Duct Cleaning

Unionville Duct Cleaning

Unionville, all of the urban access with a quaint downtown feel; Canaduct has been providing duct cleaning services to Unionville via our Markham office for over 20 years. We love its historic charm and unique access it provides to the tech center and proximity to Toronto.

For businesses and residents in Unionville we provide more than just furnace vent cleaning, but other HVAC services as well such as Furnace cleaning & maintenance, sanitization and more. With our fleet of trucks equipped with commercial grade equipment we can facilitate multiple commercial locations simultaneously.

These days, now more than ever, it is best to ensure the indoor air quality is excellent. In addition, over 40lbs of dirt dust debris and dander is generated in an average home every year, more if renovations are underway or additional fur babies are added to the household. Not all of that debris is swept up and much of it can end up down the vents. Dust on the furnace heat exchanger can be a fire hazard.

Unionville Duct Cleaning

Unionville, with its unique heritage dating back to the 1700s has a large inventory of historic homes, in which the majority of people renovate to bring up to today’s preferences and standards.

Many of these historic buildings are converted into commercial space as well – therefore post renovation duct cleaning is essential. Centuries of debris behind the walls can stir up a myriad of microbes. Also, details on older homes can be sketchy as to when the last time the furnace or other HVAC equipment was maintained, or whether the system is the right size and kind for the home.

Technology has come a long way, and humidity especially in older homes whether too high or too low can be an issue to the integrity of the structure itself, in addition to the occupants in it.

If you’ve recently moved to the Unionville area, it would be a great idea to have the ducts cleaned, to make sure, the dirt, pet dander, mold and bacteria are cleaned out so they don’t cause problems for your family’s health.

If the furnace is older than 25 years, its time to look at getting it replaced. A new furnace (as well as sealing any leaks in those duct lines) can save you more than 30% on your heating bill, which adds up to hundreds of dollars a year, or more depending on the size of your home or commercial space.

Attic too cold? Closed in Sun Porch not insulated? Other options such as add-on rooms, attics or other out of the way inhabited spaces may need an additional boost such as with a heat pump which provides heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer without the need for additional duct work. Radiant flooring systems can be retrofitted into buildings as well.

Whether you own a restaurant, manage a retail store, office, warehouse, or work in a government facility, the interior air quality in that building is critical to the health of your staff, patrons & customers, now more than ever. Ask about our Indoor Air Quality assessment service.

Canaduct Cleaning has multiple trucks that service commercial and residential buildings for duct cleaning and furnace servicing in Unionville, Toronto the GTA and much of Southern Ontario. We also offer natural disinfectants to sanitize an entire building’s air to help you ensure you pass standards for cleanliness and the highest quality of breathable air.

With over 20 years experience, we can assess your current situation and offer retrofitting options that can increase the quality of breathable air in the existing infrastructure, as well as possible energy savings and cost saving options on day-to-day operation.

We are industry certified for the following:

  • Duct Cleaning – Commercial, Residential, Institutional
  • Fire/Flood Restoration (which require appropriate odour removal tools)
  • Indoor Air Quality Services (IAQ) including Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Whole Home Sanitization
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning

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