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Uxbridge Duct CleaningUxbridge Air Duct Cleaning: If you live or work in Uxbridge, air duct cleaning would certainly not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of this delightful town. Everyone who frequents there knows it for it’s fascinating facts like the author of Anne of Green Gables – Lucy Maude Montgomery lived there, as well as the actor Haden Christenson (Anakin Skywalker from the Star Wars series) owns a farm there.

Being a 25-minute drive North East of Stouffville, most people would likely only encounter this scenic area driving through to get to cottage country, or for its great tourist attractions, but its many trails, sights and small-town feeling make it home for its over 22,000 inhabitants.

Due to the pandemic of 2021, many larger companies in the Greater Toronto Area have allowed most of their employees to work permanently from home, or remotely. This has allowed workers to sell their expensive properties in the city and move further out into areas like Uxbridge, where they typically get more land and a larger home for less than what they paid closer to the core of Toronto. The town of Uxbridge spans over 420 square kilometers, offering plenty of space for growth.

Uxbridge is a Quaker Settlement founded in the early 1800’s by 12 families from Pennsylvania, and continues to be mainly a farming community, but the downtown is filled with little shops that visitors love to take their time exploring.

There is a community center, movie theatre, curling club, heritage train station, hospital and numerous golf courses. Larger retail stores include Canadian Tire, Mark’s Work Warehouse, Staples & TSC Store. There is also a farmer’s market and beer garden that are a favourite for travelers who find themselves there for a stay or passing through.

As the area has grown, more business have also joined the community of over 300 professional services, shops and companies. In the region, larger nearby employers include: Ontario Power Generation, the Durham District School Board, Lakeridge Health, and General Motors.

As you can imagine, most homes & businesses in the town have been converted to central air over the years, but you may not have considered the age of the furnace, or when it was last cleaned. Being in a farming community, dust that comes up from fields travels through the air and accumulates quickly on surfaces, adding to the strain on the filter, sending more dirt through a building’s spaces in both winter and summer.

If you’ve recently moved to the area, it would be a great idea to have the ducts cleaned, to make sure, the dirt, pet dander, mold and bacteria are cleaned out so they don’t cause problems for your family’s health. If the furnace is older than 25 years, its time to look at getting it replaced. A new furnace (as well as sealing any leaks in those duct lines) can save you more than 30% on your heating bill, which adds up to hundreds of dollars a year, or more depending on the size of your home.

If you own a business in Uxbridge, especially if you’ve moved in to an older building, consider all the renovations that may have been done over the years and the amount of accumulation of dirt and debris in the ducts. Area furnaces in warehouses also need servicing yearly to ensure there are no leaks and keep your building safe for your workers. Yearly service is good liability insurance, especially when it has been a very difficult year for Ontario businesses already, and can’t afford more health risks.

Whether you own a restaurant, manage a retail store, office, warehouse, or work in a government facility, the interior air quality in that building is critical to the health of your staff, patrons & customers.

Canaduct Cleaning has multiple trucks that service commercial and residential buildings for duct cleaning and furnace servicing in Uxbridge, the GTA and Southern Ontario. We also offer natural disinfectants to sanitize an entire building’s air to help you ensure you pass standards for cleanliness and the highest quality of breathable air.

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